Car seat Safety: Are you ready to travel?

By now we are all set in our routes, planning trips around your baby or kids, running errands or
doing the school runs or nursery drive. Wherever your route takes you, ensure that your children are
safe and secure in a Car Seat that fits their specific weight and age requirements.

How do you choose a car seat?

Based on the weight of a child rather than age, here are the basic stages to meet your child’s weight.

Did you know?

About 7 out of 10 parents are using and installing their car seats incorrectly with significant safety false.
  • Car crashes are the leading cause of death for children. Correctly used car seats can reduce the risk of death by as much as 70%

About 25% of children under 9kgs are sitting in the wrong seat

The seat may not protect children under 9kgs as good as it should if forward facing. A rear facing car seat would be better at protecting them because of the fragility of their cervical spine. But only 15% of parents asked in the survey knew their child’s weight.

Your baby grows fast.

  • 17% of infant deaths related to the used of car seats were caused by using an inappropriate restraints system for the child.

Even on a mild 25°c day, the inside of the car can reach up to 40°c within 15 minutes

  • Eighty percent of the temperature rise occurs during the first 30 minutes, which is barely affected by opening the windows ~20cm. A child’s body temperature increases rapidly and can reach a dangerous level when not cooled down in time. If it exceeds 40°c, major organs may begin to shut down and death from a heatstroke is imminent.
  • Did you know? Leaving or forgetting a chid in a vehicle can have fatal results. From all reported deaths by heatstroke inside cars, over 70% were left unattended.

Parents drive on less sleep than truckers do

  • Surveyed parents, log a consecutive 5 hours and 20 minutes of sleep a night, an ur and a half less than 6 hours and 50 minutes that truckers sleep on average.
    • Always be sure that you are ok to drive, or ask your partner or another parent to help out for the day. Rather safe than sorry.

With all these important facts, its vital to make the right choices when it comes to car seat safety. Have a look at our range, to help you choose the right car seat for you.

Safe travels, Chelino Baby.

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