Unconventional cuts, bold colour combinations and adventurous material mixes bear witness to a new form of fashionable self-awareness that needs no compromises in order to be successful.


With her label Anna K, young Ukrainian designer Anna Karenina is regarded as one of the most promising talents on the international fashion scene and has been honored as one of the youngest members on the Forbes “30 Under 30” list 2017. The 21-year-old who first entered the fashion industry as a model is not only wowing professional audiences but also more and more people around the world with her fresh, life-affirming creations. Anna K focuses in her designs on the most relevant issue of her generation: the future.

Her future is limitless, multifaceted, colourful and otherworldly. Despite her young age, Anna K has her feet firmly on the ground – she knows what she wants and has strikingly precise ideas about the world of tomorrow. Meanwhile, the designer’s creations are imbued with the same magical sense of futuristic whimsy that so defines the world of children.

The fashion of Anna K transcends conventional concepts of time and space, pushing boundaries to infinity and merging into a total work of art that gives us the freedom to dream. As in art, so in life. Anna K feels at home nearly every-where around the world, living alternately in London, New York, Milan, Paris and Kiev. Restrictions, borders and narrow-mindedness don’t apply to her – just like at CYBEX.

CYBEX is made for dreaming big. Fashionable fantasies, experimental design and especially high quality standards for materials and processing unite in CYBEX products as a testament to a stylish zest for life. Design that is fresh, unconventional and fun – that is what CYBEX is all about. The brand has made a point of working with young promising talents, accompanying them on their path to stardom.

The sweeping expanse of the universe, where stars, planets and galaxies move beyond space and time in an everlasting dance with gravity was fashion’s new shooting star Anna K’s inspiration for her SPACE ROCKET collection for CYBEX. The interaction between softness and power, cocooning and exploring is reflected in the new editions of MIOS, PRIAM, YEMA TIE and CLOUD Z intergalactic space capsules for little urban star hunters. Every walk turns into an individual orbit for metropolitans. The countdown is on. Bon voyage!

Anna K elevates the spirit of fashion to a new level of independence and individuality – where CYBEX is also at home. Join us on a marvellous journey to the wide world of stars and planets – the place of dreams. Free your mind.


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