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Together with the Base M and the Sirona M2 i-Size the Aton M offers innovative functionality and thought-out design that grows with your child: in the M-Line Modular System. This system offers two seats that fit onto the Base M so your child rides safely, comfortably and rear-facing for longer. The Aton M can also be used as a travel system with the CYBEX and GB strollers and with those of other well-known producers.

Modular innovation meets highest safety standards​

The Aton M offers a removable seat insert that ensures a near-flat lying position for premature and newborn babies. Together with the L.S.P. System and the energy-absorbing shell, the elaborate safety concept helps protect the baby. The height-adjustable headrest, a softly padded harness and the XXL sun canopy ensure a comfortable ride.



This lightweight infant car seat fulfills the latest safety standards and completes the ‘family-system’ together with the Base M and the Sirona M2 i-Size offering one base for two car seats.


Linear Side-impact Protection: The Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System) provides extra safety in the event of a side-impact collision. The Linear Side-impact Protection System (L.S.P. System) systematically absorbs the force of a side-impact collision in a linear series of reactions through the use of the shoulder and head protectors. At the same time, the body’s kinetic energy caused by the impact is absorbed at a very early stage and the head is actively led into a safe position.


Compatible with CYBEX, gb buggies and strollers as well as with select other brands.

L.S.P. System

The Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. System) provides extra safety in the event of a side-impact collision. The Linear Side-impact Protection System (L.S.P. System) systematically absorbs the force of a side-impact collision in a linear series of reactions through the use of the shoulder and head protectors. At the same time, the body’s kinetic energy caused by the impact is absorbed at a very early stage and the head is actively led into a safe position.

Removable newborn inlay

For a near lie-flat position for premature and small babies.

Integrated XXL Sun Canopy

Integrated XXL Sun Canopy with UPF50+ sun protection.

Energy-absorbing shell

Absorbs the forces of an impact and protectively covers the baby.


Extra-wide Y-harness straps with soft belt and crotch pads



660 mm


440 mm


390-565 mm


4.2 kg



Fabric covers machine washable at 30°



for the Aton M i-Size

Airplane Instructions

for the Aton M i-Size

Base User Guide

for the Base M

SensorSafe User Guide

for the Aton M i-Size

Car compatibility

360 vIEW

360 View


Yes, this seat is approved by TÜV Rheinland for use on an airplane. Please always contact your airline for detailed information before your journey.

We at CYBEX strongly recommend that you replace a seat after any kind of accident. This is because tiny hairline cracks, which may not be visible to the naked eye, can appear in the plastic parts of a seat after an accident. These cracks can pose an increased risk to safety.

If the seat is installed with the vehicle belt, the marking on the car seat serves as a guide as to whether the seat has been installed in the car horizontally. The line of reference is the road level. If you own a small car, for example, the angle of the rear seat may be slightly steeper, thus differing from the level of the road. If you align the infant car seat to the rear seat level, the car seat will be positioned in the car incorrectly causing your child’s head to nod forwards. Please ensure, therefore, that the seat is in line with the road level.

Please refer to the retailer where you bought your CYBEX seat. They will deal with the matter on your behalf.

You can determine if your car seat is aircraft approved if it has the TÜV-Rheinland seal with the reference “for use in aircraft”. Car seats with this seal, are specifically tested for safety and use with a two-point harness system, as found in an aircraft. Please note, that not every airline recognizes this seal as valid, therefore it is essential to inform yourself on your airline’s regulations to ensure you may use your seat, even if the seat has the seal of approval.

The use of a car seat in the aircraft depends upon the airline. Before going on your trip, please check with your airline to ensure you are able to use the car seat in flight. In general, children under the age of two, do not require their own seat in the aircraft, they are allowed to be seated on their parent´s lap, secured with a loop belt. If you choose to or must book a seat for your child, they should be secured with an accredited restraint system. Please note, that you will be asked to book a separate seat in the aircraft, even if your child is under the age of two, if you choose to take a car seat on board. Please also be aware that worldwide (not in the EU) children cannot claim a seat in the airplane, you will need to contact your airline for more information.

You can order replacement parts from a specialist retailer near you. To find a store near you, simply go to the store locator on our website:

Before taking any flight with your child, please inform yourself about the terms and conditions of the airline you are planning to travel with. Generally the information can be found on the website of the airline or you can inquire over the phone.

The car seat should only be installed on the passenger seat if the front airbag has been deactivated. Important: According to the Highway Code, it is against the law for your child to travel on a seat with an activated airbag. Placing your infant on a passenger seat with an activated airbag puts your child at risk of serious injury. For this reason, CYBEX always recommends installing the car seat on the vehicle’s rear seat (if possible behind the passenger). Statistics show that this is the safest place in the car. In a head-on collision, a child has a greater crumple zone on the rear seat where front airbags do not put your child’s safety at risk. If you have no choice other than to use the front passenger seat, please ensure that the seat is pushed back as far as possible.

No, you do not have to take your own seat onto the aircraft. In the EU you are allowed to fly with your child on one parent´s lap, if the child is under the age of two. Your child must be also secured with a loop belt during take-off, landing and when the “fasten your seat belt” sign lights up. Please note, that this way of securing your child is potentially life threatening for your child. The loop belt attaches the infant to the parent, which only prevents it from flying through the cabin during a crash.

No, according to standard R-129 children have to travel in a rearward-facing position until they are at least 15 months old. Your infant’s spine and neck muscles have not yet developed sufficiently to cope with heavier strains. In the event of an accident, the child’s head is propelled forward with a very high force. The child’s spine and neck muscles are not strong enough to withhold these forces. In rear-facing seats, the infant car seat works like a protective shield and protects the child’s sensitive head and neck.

CYBEX infant car seats have been engineered to offer the best possible protection for a baby during a car ride without affecting the child´s spine in a negative way. However, we do not recommend leaving the baby sleeping inside the infant car seat at home for long periods of time.

In partnership with the Federal Ministry of Transport, Aviation Federal Office and the airline companies, TÜV Rheinland developed the “qualification process for restraint systems in aircrafts” with consideration of the different aspects of the aviation companies. Car seats that pass this procedure receive the “for use in aircraft” seal. Additional information can be found on the TÜV Rheinland website.

Thick clothing prevents the harness from lying snugly against the body. This incorrect belt positioning could result in the harness slipping off the shoulder. For this reason, your child should wear everyday clothing. Thick clothing such as winter jackets should be avoided where possible. Once your child has been positioned in the seat, he/she can be covered with an extra blanket for warmth.

TÜV Rheinland and the ADAC provide additional information on their websites for parents flying with infants. Please contact your airline before the flight for further information regarding the approval of different car seats for the flight.

Yes, the side airbag can remain activated when using the car seat.

The L.S.P. Side-impact Protection has to be folded out on the side nearest the car door when the seat is installed either on the right or left-hand side of the rear seat. In this way, the best possible protection is provided in a collision. In this instance, it is important to ensure that only the side protector nearest the door is extended. If the seat is installed in the middle of the rear seat, the Linear Side-impact Protection (L.S.P. system) must not be used under any circumstances.


The gold line features a modern, casual design, showcasing mesh material for a sporty look in a colour palette of racing red and victory black.


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