e-Priam Chrome Brown Detail

Individual design for the PRIAM / e-PRIAM

R26,000.00 R16,000.00


Revolutionary smart technology meets luxurious design in the e-PRIAM—the first e-stroller by CYBEX. Intelligent, intuitive, and exceptionally innovative, the e-PRIAM empowers you to glide up and down hills with ease, and smartly adapts to rough terrain like sand, gravel or cobblestones. Experience the magical sensation of a heavy load made lighter; of a rocky path made smooth; of an impossible climb made suddenly achievable.

Go further, fit more into your everyday life—and have more energy for you and your child’s future journey together.


how-to video


CYBEX is globally recognized as a pioneer in the field of parenting products, so it was perhaps inevitable that we would someday explore the new horizons of modern tech. The e-PRIAM is the result—but why did we choose an e-stroller as one of our first forays into this field?