Pampers Pants Jumbo Pack - Size 4 Maxi 60's

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Ergonomic Design Nappy Fit:

These baby diapers come with stretchy sides and new 360 stretch technology, that adapts to the baby’s every wild move. These Pampers diapers are designed for active babies and toddlers who test the sturdiness of a diaper by rolling, scooting, climbing and – before long-running.

Easy Clean-Up:

Pampers baby diapers include a handy roll tape for even easier clean-up and mess containment. These diapers can be removed in three simple steps: tear the sides, roll and secure with the in-built disposal tape, and then toss.

Ultra Leakage Protection:

Formulated to protect your baby for more than 12 hours, these ultra-absorbent Pampers diapers are comfortable and safe for long-term wear. Keeping your baby’s bottom dry also helps to prevent diaper rash.

All Around Wetness Protection for Dry and Healthy Skin:

Three absorbing channels distribute wetness evenly and lock in better, using the full diaper from front to back for up to 100% leakage protection and over 12 hours of dryness.

Easy On & Easy Off:

Smart design of these Pampers diapers makes them easy to put on and tear off. Designed to help make removal effortless, these baby diapers enjoy tear-away sides for lightning-fast changes and a comfortable fit.


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