Take a magical journey to a world of fashion and craftmanship ­- with the Simply Flowers Collection by CYBEX. Discover the wonder of these unique blossoms decorating strollers, car seats, and accessories, and feel like a modern princess every day. 

PRIAM Simply Flowers Pale Plush

PRIAM Simply Flowers Dream Grey


The charming Simply Flowers Collection by CYBEX is available for the PRIAM and MIOS Strollers. Our iconic PRIAM features timeless design and endless customization options, and the MIOS Stroller was created to be an elegant companion for an urban lifestyle.



Three Enchanting Colors

Choose from three gorgeous, monochromatic colors: Pale Blush, Nude Beige, and Dream Grey.


The Simply Flowers Collection is available for both our PRIAM and MIOS Strollers and comes in three,
different colors which you can choose from. 

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