Experience our World of Water Wellness at ChelinoBaby Spa

We specialize in baby hydrotherapy sessions namely; water floatation, aquatics and baby massage. Our Water Floatation sessions are a safe and natural way to combat those sleepless nights, tummy cramps, reflux and colic pains to name a few. Improve babies fine and gross motor skills. Boost babies milestone and cognitive development Build babies immunity and core strength Improve babies deep restorative sleep cycle


Floatation can start as early as the neonatal stage and is recommended to attend on a weekly basis until the age of 6 months. It offers many powerful benefits such as that much needed circulation during infancy, strengthening babies core muscles, boosting immunities and offering that deep restorative sleep after every session. 


Our lifestyle program then graduates from floatation to aquatics. Our Aquatics program introduces baby to early exposure of mass amounts of water thus building vital confidence needed to navigate the water safely. This program challenges your baby both physically and cognitively. Our baby swim coaches teach numerous vital skills, following your babies individual lead in our clean, safe, sterile and heated pool, all year round! Babies have fun while learning vital skills aiding in milestone development and cognitive behaviors boosting immunities and serotonin levels resulting in happier, stronger and healthier babies. 


Our massage therapy techniques can help your baby soothe away teething aches, colic woes, constipation, abdominal cramps, gas and pain to name a few…Our baby massage therapy caters to your babies every individual need be it deep restorative sleep, rest and relaxation or increasing blood circulation and strength using different positions and poses through massage therapy. We are also incredibly passionate about teaching our moms about the importance of massage therapy so you too can enjoy using these techniques in the comfort of your own home connecting and bonding with your baby and helping them through any little woe naturally.


This lifestyle program offers immense health and wellness benefits to your baby as well as improving your babies development through physical, mental and emotional skill progression and awareness while having stimulating, healthy, safe fun all year round. 

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