Feed Me Booster

While regular boosters appear to be unsteady and unfriendly for use, our designers have valued and studied the demands of young parents; they have therefore included 4 core concepts for Unilove Feedme Booster.



Key features

The Feed Me Booster was selected in the 2019 JPMA Innovation Awards competition as JPMA announced over 70 finalists across 10 categories. In the meantime, the Feed Me Booster has also a WON 2019 Family Choice Award from Family Magazines.

User friendly

One-hand height adjustment; swivel function; extra lid attach; no tools required for assembly


3.25kg model weight, easy to carry with carrying handle. Comes with carrying bag

Ergonomic design

Z shape self-standing structure enhancement

Material quality

Designed with highly condensed aluminum base and extremely durable plastic materials


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